By Mark A. Upaa

You work harder.
After you’re married, your successes become shared. Every time you get a promotion or a raise, your spouse will also revel in and benefit from your successes, and vice versa. This also means you’re likely to work even harder knowing that you’re providing for both you and your spouse, even if you both have jobs.
You’re more open to new experiences.
Since you’ll be seeing more of your spouse than any other person in your life after you’re married, you’ll be witnessing their best and ugliest sides. As you grow more accustomed to just letting it all hang out, you tend to be more open to other experiences as well. After you’ve let someone completely get to know every part of you, it’s more likely that you’ll have less trepidation about trying something new.
You’ll likely experience an identity crisis.
A report authored by Dr. Robyn Zeiger, says it’s relatively easy to fall into an identity crisis of sorts after getting married. ”In a marriage, we often slip into ‘roles’ and that can happen on an unconscious level,” Zeiger wrote. “You might ask yourself, ‘Who am I now?’ You may feel confused, but it is quite common as we adjust to this new chapter in our lives.”
You’ll spend money differently.
Most Married couples confirm that the way they spend money changed significantly after getting married. More than a few pointed out that using joint bank accounts felt strange since you’re able to see everything that your partner spends money on and vice versa. On the plus side, it makes you much more cognizant of how much you’re spending.
Your time with friends changes.
Now that you’ve officially dedicated your wholly to another person, it makes sense that your time with friends will become more precious. Newlyweds are more likely to plan more laidback activities on the weekends and after work with friends, saving the bigger adventures to do together as a married couple.
Your home base changes.
Though you may not have thought much about this fact, your home base probably existed with a parental figure of some kind before you got married. If you ever lost your job or experienced a difficult setback, you would rely on that family member to help get you back on your feet. Now, this responsibility lies on your spouse’s shoulders. Your home base exists with them, which can be a huge change.
Sex will be much better.
While it is true that your sex drive is likely to decrease once you tie the knot, the increased intimacy that comes with marriage will also make you more willing to try new things intimately. According to NaDasha Elkerson, a relationship expert and coach, this newfound intimacy is the key to better sex. “The pleasure is more intense because there are less uncertain moments. You know one another very well and feel comfortable, and relaxation translates into being able to orgasm more easily,” she says.
Your holiday plans will change.
Before marriage, where you spent each holiday might not have been highly contested. You likely felt secure going to a family dinner or outing without your partner. Now that you’re married, however, it’s almost a requirement that you attend your holiday gatherings as a duo. As a married couple, you’re required to make collective decisions about your holiday ventures, which will likely mean making some sort of sacrifice. Which brings us to…
You’ll learn how to compromise.
While you shouldn’t completely compromise your own happiness and well-being for your spouse, learning how to listen and compromise on contentious issues is something you’ll learn through marriage. In fact, compromise is the key to a lasting and healthy relationship.
Your sleeping patterns change.
According to Sheri Stritof of Very Well Mind, your sleeping patterns change when you’re lying next to the same person night after night. Whether you now have to become acclimated to sleeping in a different position entirely or get used to the fact that your partner snores or moves around throughout the night, you’ll inevitably have to make some adjustments to mesh better with your partner.


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